I like having a website, but worry that the ‘highlight reel’ nature of it doesn’t offer a decent space to just post some of the smaller things I do on a day to day basis. Since around Christmas I thought it’d be a neat to create a space for that in the form of a reverse calendar.

Halfway through the year, I finally got around to building it!

Now you too can see the brief forays into Mapbox Studio and post it note doodles I do on a daily basis. Oh boy! The project lives on dylanmoriarty.github.io/anno/.



Anno is Latin for “In the Year Of”, which is exactly what this is: Dylan in the year of 2016.

In truth I wanted to name this something better than just “Calendar”, and found this term pretty quick Googling around. I hope it doesn’t come off as pretentious! Anno was a nice, concise, interesting, and spot on term for it.


...it's just a Facebook Album

Kinda. I didn’t realize how similar it was until things started working. Oh well. I can customize this a heckuva lot more and the project has served as good practice for web development. I’m content that people might ‘like’ something without hitting a button to show it.